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Looking for a great company that provides water heater installation?  Are you in need of a company that would deliver you the best water heating solutions of great quality and at an affordable rate?

The answer is no further form you than it has always been

We, At Fort Worth-Arlington, offer you the answer to all your problems. We have the best Water Installation Team made up of a team of dedicated and experienced staff aimed at giving you the best service that you could possibly think of.

Fort Worth-Arlington Water Heater Installation has been providing water heater installation for various homes across the country. Our quality and stamp of originality are not compromised regardless of the type of water heater installation. We guarantee quality installing heaters of various kind including; Natural Gas Water Heaters, L.P. Gas Water Heaters (LP stands for “liquefied petroleum”), Tankless Water Heaters, Electric Water Heaters, Solar Powered Water Heaters and hybrid water heaters.


Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters although cost more than regular water heaters are more efficient in terms of energy.

Installing hybrid water heaters can be quite tricky and if not done properly could be an inefficient tool. Hybrid water heaters which can also be called heat pump water heaters for optimal performance are installed at locations with an all year constant temperature range between 40º–90ºF, an airspace of at least 28.3 cubic meters.  

If placed in a hot region it could cause a excess heat in the room and are ineffectual in cold spaces.

For the installation of hybrid water heaters reach out to us at Fort Worth-Arlington Water Heater Installation Team we provide you with the best service in terms of hybrid water installation putting into consideration; space, time and efficiency.

We also provide installation of desuperheater to go along with a geothermal heat pump system to guarantee the best performance even during the winter season.

Geothermal heat-pumps is a favorite for many homeowners as it draws ground heat at wintertime and indoor air at summertime. They are used with desuperheater for water heating purposes.

A desuperheater is a heat exchanger which makes use of superheated gases from the compressor or heat pump to heat water. It is usually a small device. The excess heat from the geothermal heat pump is used by the desuperheater to heat water.

We ensure that the installation is done properly and provide maintenance service for optimal efficiency.


When To Replace A Water Heater

Very often people tend to use their water heaters and tend to be unaware as to be aware that it is ripe for replacement. Knowing when to replace your water heater is great so as not to use it beyond its span or while it is at fault thereby exposing yourself and your family to danger. Here are some tips to know when your water heater needs to be replaced.

  • Age

The average lifespan of a water heater is between eight to twelve years, proper and regular maintenance could see it last even longer but it is advisable to replace as soon as it tops a decade. So if you having been using the same water heater for over ten years, it is advisable you replace it with a new one.

  • Rust

Majority of water tanks are made of steel and steel is known o be prone to rust. The damages of a rusty water heater cannot be overstated, depending on where it is located it can cause a lot of damages to your properties. Sometimes the rust does not instantly cause leakage but you do not have to wait for it to start leaking before getting it replaced. Once you notice the rust get it replaced and save yourself the unnecessary damages

  • Drainage Issues

To prevent damages to water heaters and prolong its lifespan, it is usually drained of the sediments that are accrued over time. Sometimes the sediments accrued overtime can cause the water heater to no longer be able to be drained n such cases professional help is sorted for or best it is time to replace your water heaters

  • Ineffectual Heating

If you discover that your water heater does not heat water as effectively as before it is due for a change. There are tons of issues that could cause your water heater not to work effectively. It could be the faulty electric thermostat or a broken dip tube. You can call on us to help you find the solution to your problem and help you determine if you need a new water heater or not.


Draining Of Water Heater

The act of draining your water heater does not only help your water heater work effectively but also prolong its lifespan. Here’s a step to step guide on how t drain your water heater and get it working effectively. This process is quite simple and straightforward. Water heaters are available in two kinds which are gas and electric

  • For the gas water heater locate the thermostat which is usually located at the bottom of the tank while for an electric water heater turn off the power for the water heater by simply switching it off at the power source.
  • For gas water heater locate then gas pipe that leads to your heater’s thermostat and turns off the valve.
  • The next step is to cut off your cold water supply to your heater but turning it off.
  • Open your hot water taps to run, these will serve as outlets for the hot water to leave during the draining process.
  • To aid the flow of water during the draining process it is also advisable to open your pressure relief valve. This also serves as an opportunity to test your relief valve. Most people are able to detect the faults in their valve during this process.
  • Upon opening the relief valve it is advisable to let the water in the water heater cool down
  • To the drainage spigot of your water heater connect a hose, at the end of a hose place a bucket to collect the water from a drainpipe.
  • Now drain your water heater completely until it starts to run clear. The presence of sediments tints the color of the water heater to brown.
  • To complete the flushing process, open the cold water supply valve and flush out the remaining sediments.do this until the water becomes clear.
  • To complete the whole process turns off the water in your sink, disconnect the hose and turn off drainage spigot, close pressure valve, turn on cold water spigot. Let water run and fill the tank and once its full turn on the gas for gas heaters and thermostat. Simply flip on the switch for electric heaters.


The Importance Of Upgrading Your Water Heater

The reason why you should upgrade your water heater is numerous. At Fort Worth-Arlington Water Heater Installation Team we help in upgrading your water heater to the latest and most functional models.

Could be as a result of your old water heater becoming faulty as a result of poor maintenance or in an increase in capacity we are more than willing to deliver for your convenience the upgrade you desire.

Maybe you require more hot water because of the increase in your family size or the addition of a new appliance. One of the major reasons why people do upgrade is because every day newer models emerge which are better than previous models which you might currently be stuck with. At Fort Worth-Arlington Water Heater Installation Team we assist in helping you shipping out your old models and updating them with more energy efficient ones.

There are so many reasons why people upgrade some of them are;

  • One reason why many people upgrade is for safety. There are a lot of dangers associated with older and faulty models. A new model with our proper installation assured you a safer living condition with various safety valves.
  • They are also more efficient performance wise compared to older models. They are cost effective as they are easier to maintain when compared to older models.

Hot water is important, and we all know that we want to have as much as we need when we need it. With a new water heater upgrade, you can have increased capacity, energy efficiency, safer operation, a cleaner quieter model, and easier maintenance. This is a good investment for the well being of your family.

An upgrade is a great investment for your company and you can trust us at Fort Worth-Arlington Water Heater Installation Team to deliver it for you


Residential Water Heating Services and Commercial Water Heating Services

For your residential, a commercial water heating services contact us at Fort Worth-Arlington Water Heater Installation Team to provide you with every solution you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have fixed charges?

No, our billing system is flexible and transparent and solely depends on the requirements of your project.

  • How is your quality

We are rated top by customers in the water heater industry.

  • Will you charge me for the quotation?

No, we only charge for the service that we provide and the quotation is exclusively free

Choosing us is similar to winning the battle of using cold water due to spoilt water heaters. We will give you a service that will leave you satisfied and with working water heaters. Our installation will stay in your house for long.